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Address Geocoding Incorrectly

I have an address that is geolocating to the incorrect location on the map. The address is:

2411 Mt Pleasant Blvd SE, Roanoke VA 24019

The expected location is just outside of Roanoke, and this is the location that is returned in map software like Google Maps. ThinkGeo, however, is returning a location a long ways away just north of Richmond. This can be replicated on the online sample:

It appears the problem is that the location north of Richmond is on the road Mt Pleasant Blvd and the correct location outside Roanoke is on Mt Pleasant Blvd SE. Is this issue related to the SE portion of the address not being parsed correctly, and if so, is there a workaround?

Hi Stefanie_Leitch,

That’s proved a bug, our developer had fixed that, please download the latest version 9.0.715.0 or higher version from product center in one or two days.