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Azure PaaS deployment


I have followed this guide: and created a WMS Service hosted in Azure successfully.

This requires a VM hosting and does not support a PaaS website. I understand all the other components support PaaS hosting except the licensing, which needs registry access. Is it possible to update/change this component so that the registry access is not required so that a PaaS deployment could be used?

Essentially a VM scale cost is very high compared to a PaaS hosting cost and really apart from the licensing, nothing else needs registry access (as far as I can tell). The difference is so much that it becomes prohibitive to scale for each customer deployment along with other services required for a complete solution. It also restricts our ability to scale as needed due to cost again…

Please support PaaS deployment.


Hi Shailesh,

Thanks for let us know your question, in fact we have introduce the new file license for our 10.0, which should works for the scenario which cannot access the registry.

But it looks the WMS server edition hadn’t been released for 10.0 now.



Thanks Don. any update on version 10.0? it looks like it is now released - yet I cannot find it in my product center builds. Also, may be I am missing something. reading through, over in “File Based Licensing Strategy” - source: - the license activation file in bin folder - how is that to be generated if I download nuget package?

Hi Shailesh,

Our GisServer for V10 hadn’t released yet, the WMS server is the version of V9.

For our new V10 file license, you can download our packages from NuGet, then when you build your project the first time, the product center V10 will popup, and you can active your product there.

Wish that’s helpful.