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Convert between Spatialite and ThinkGeo Sqlite Format


A customer of mine uses a GIS-Solution that is based on the ThinkGeo World Map kit.
Unfortunately, the original vendor is not reliable in providing up to date maps for the solution.

Looking at your proprietary map format, I see that it basically is a spatialite .sqlite file.
Of course there are some things changed, there is no srs table and annotation and some columns are renamed/not annotated.

For another solution, our customer already has up to date OSM data provided in the spatialite format.
We would like to convert those into the proprietary format of thinkgeo .sqlite

Is there already a solution to this? do any others experience the same troubles?

Hi Oil,

We don’t have a solution for that.

In fact the old world map kit is open source now:

You can modify the code to make it suitable your data, or you can read the code to understand which data is get from which table.

I guess your data is very old, so maybe you can contact our sales to get the newer version data. But please notice our latest data for world map kit is not very new, because we will have a new product named GIS Server which should contains totally new data and render logic. But I think it’s still be helpful, because you can compare the data format and convert the data by you custom sql statement.