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"Flying" animation?

I’m trying to figure out a way to create an animation when zooming to a location on the map that looks like you are “flying” to that location. Is there anything built into ThinkGeo’s library that can help with this? I uploaded some examples below from a different application:

As you can see, it zooms in at a smooth speed, or if it’s already zoomed in, it “lifts off” and zooms over and in to the location.

Hi Dan,

Here is the update from our development team.

In fact our map contains animation zoom in, but it’s not public and you need to write a custom map for it, here is a sample about it.

Please notice, the animation zoom works have some conditions:

  1. You have a base overlay
  2. The cache is opened for the base overlay

Please view attached sample. (101.8 KB)

Wish that’s what you want.



Thanks! I think I can work with that.

Hi Dan,

I am glad to hear that’s helpful.