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GenerateServiceArea questions

Hello all,

I am working on a project where I need to generate service areas that represent the drive time from a point based on actual speed limits. The shapefile has speed limit as an attribute and I have generated an RTG file that uses the speed limit and segment length to generate a travel time in seconds for each segment.

  1. Is there a way to have the routing engine use the values in this cost field when creating the service area?
  2. Is there a different built-in method available that will accomplish the same goal?
  3. What step in the service area calculation raises the GeneratingServiceArea event?



Hi Brian,

  1. Does you mean you want to customize the search service area based on specified columns like streetType and the such streetTypes represents difference limit speeds? if yes, then I think we can make sure of GeneratingServiceArea event in RoutingEngine and in this event handler, we can dynamically to change the weight value in routeSegment property of the event parameter. The segment includes a feature id value and I think we can get its feature column information by GetFeatureById method of ShapeFileFeatureSource. The weight sometimes means the road driving time or length and it depends on difference cases, changing the value will make the searching difference.
  2. I didn’t meet such build-in method and I think in Routing Edition, most of the cases are finished by difference events.
  3. This event is not related with generating routeable (.shp) or index file(.rtg), but only happened when we calling GenerateServiceArea method. It will triggered when each feature looking for available area.

Hope it helps.