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Google Map Tiles repeat as you scroll beyond any "world map edge"


I updated to ThinkGeo’s Map Suite 10.5.3 from 10.2.4 and I do not know what Wrong here.

Hi Hero_Wolf,

I build a really simple smaple:

            map.MapUnit = GeographyUnit.Meter;

        GoogleMapsOverlay g = new GoogleMapsOverlay("YourID", "YourKey");

        map.CurrentExtent = new ThinkGeo.MapSuite.Shapes.RectangleShape(-2000000, 2000000, 2000000, -2000000);

It looks the Google map works well and I hadn’t reproduced your problem.

Could you please show us the code?

You can modify it in this sample: (10.3 KB)



Hi Ethan,
Google no longer offers id+keys am using a work around using Google Maps Static API, SendingWebRequest event ( using API Key only) .
I think that is part of my problem

Hi Hero_Wolf,

I think you can capture the sending request uri and print them.

Then you can view the links one by one in browser to make sure whether it return the same tile image.