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Highest Rain Value in a county


We are loading the NWS kml file that shows expected/forecast rainfall totals for the US via polygons. What we want to do is get the highest value with the boundaries of a specific county. I’ve tried looping through individual counties, but that takes much too long. It seems there should be an easier way to do this within the ThinkGeo framework. Any ideas?

We do have a county layer on the map. It seems like there should be a way to use this layer, and the rainfall KML layer, to query within the borders of a county.

I want to use the QueryTools.GetFeaturesOverlapping (or touching/containing/intersecting, etc), but they all say they are not implemented.


Hi Dib,

I want to know which layer you are using, KmlFeatureLayer or KmlRasterLayer.

If you are using KmlFeatureLayer, it only support GetAllFeatures, GetFeaturesByIds, GetFeaturesInsideBoundingBox.

If they are not enough for your scenario, I think you can try to add all features into a inmemory feature layer and then did spatial query.

Wish that’s helpful.