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How to Implement RasterLayer

MapSuite Team,

Would you be kind enough to provide some sample code for implementing raster layers into WMS?

I have MrSid, TIFF, and JPEG2000 Rasters that I would like to implement in WMS and WpfDesktopEdition.

I’m interested in how to write the Plugin as well as how to define the raster layer on the client side.

Also, I had previously implemented a MultiRasterLayer based on a sample application provided a few years ago by the MapSuite Team. Can the same be implemented in WMS? Would you give a few hints as to how to do that?


Hi Dennis,

For V9 I think the server side code in from other product can works well in WMS server edition. You can just move related code into this version, maybe with small changes.

And because our new GisServer will be released, it will contains all features of old WMS server edition, so we don’t have plan to create more sample for WMS server edition.

About GisServer you can view more detail here: