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InMemoryFeatures layers that store a lot features don't render consistently

We developed a tool that uses ThinkGeo to display many features on a map.
All those features are stored in InMemoryFeatureLayers.
The problem we have is that sometimes it happens that not all features are loaded on map and only part of them are shown. In attached image Map_Issue_Snapnshot1 you could see snapshot that shows when not all features were loaded and in attached image Map_Issue_Snapnshot2 you could see how it supposed to load.

What we are trying to do is to make sure that all features of both InMemoryFeaturesLayers (Red and Green) are always loaded.

Additional notes:
We made it so when user clicks on a map we add another feature to another inmemorylayer. So user can select many features by clicking on map that already has bunch of red/green features. The issue described above mostly happens when user click on a map before all features were loaded on map. And when user clicks on map we emit HTTP request to update another InMemoryFeature layer. So it seems like this request somehow interrupts the process of loading features from Red/Green InMemoryFeature layers

Here is attachement with 2 screenshots:
Please let me know what additional details I could provide

Hi Samuel,

Thanks to let us know your scenario and questions, we hadn’t met the same problem before, so we don’t have any suggestion about it based on currently information. Could you please create a simple sample which can reproduce it, so our developer can work on it? You can create that quickly follow this guide: