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Is it possible to handle layer style in client side

I have a scenario, to change style of the layer in client side. Is it possible to do it.

Actually same thing we are doing on client side, but we need to change style in client side.

ValueStyle vstyle = imAircraftLayer.ZoomLevelSet.ZoomLevel01.CustomStyles[0] as ValueStyle;
ValueItem vi = vstyle.ValueItems[0];
vi.DefaultTextStyle.IsActive = false;

If it possible means, please share code of it for achieving this issue.


Hi Riyaz,

It’s impossible because in client side the layer is the tile images, it’s not the object.

It means you cannot modify the style shows in a image by code.

If you want to implement that, you should want to build layer directly in client side. And you can use OpenLayers API to implement that.