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Multiline Label shows a character at the end of each line

For labels with a new line in the string ("\r\n"), it’ll display a square on each line. For example, the label of “Line01\r\nLine02” shows as the following:


Is there something in text style I can set that will prevent that square for displaying? Thanks.

It looks like replacing “\r\n” with “\n” can do the trick, but is there some sort of option/property in the textstyle to set, as opposed to doing a replace in the ‘Formatted’ event each time?

Thanks Fred,
I can reproduce this one. And I looked into it. We use “\n” to split the text string to multiple and draw these lines one by one. We don’t handle the “\t” and “\r” these un-printable character. You may need manually replace these “\t” with few spaces. remove the “\r” if you already have “\n”.