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Offline OSM Data Map support with WMS edition

Hello there,

Requirement: Download OSM data of a city and use it with ThinkGeo WMS server.


Looking for: offline data and render it on web application.

We have WMS server edition running, looking for offline OSM data support with that. We have come across link where you support offline OSM data.

Can you please help us creating some prototype with offline data?

Balamurugan, B

We are using ThinkGeo version 9.

Hi Balamurugan,

Your requirement can be implemented with ThinkGeo World Map Kit function. please refer below informaiton:

  1. I supposed that you already have World Map Kit SQLite master database, if you don’t have this, you can contact our sales to get that data.

  2. After you have this data, we have one tool can extractor specific data from World Map Kit SQLite master database, then you can easy to display that with the exported data offline. Below is the tool in GitHub:

  3. We already have one simple to guide you how to display the World Map Kit SQLite data with WorldStreetsLayer, this sample is created based on MapSuite 10.0, you can easy to convert that to MapSuite 9.0.

  4. Then you can use this WorldStreetsLayer and data on WMS server.

That’s all for your requirements, if there is any issue, please feel free to let us know that.