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OpenLayers Upgrade

I see that there is an enhancement request to upgrade to OpenLayers 3 for MVC Edition but I have not seen anywhere that this is being worked on. OpenLayers 3 has been released for quite some time now and they are now at version release 4.6.4 so this request appears to be a bit old.

Do you have a time line to upgrade OpenLayers in the near future?

Hi Greg,

We don’t have a plan to upgrade OpenLayers now, if you found any important new feature is not include in currently version please let us know, and you can also vote for that here:



I don’t have anything specific other than the concern of falling a couple of versions behind on an important component of the web based mapping. We are rewriting our current system and exploring our options and capabilities for mapping.

Hi Greg,

Since OpenLayer2 is big difference with OpenLayer3/4, so we don’t want to update that. In the future, we maybe have other products base on OpenLayer4. Please let keep eyes on our websites.

Thanks again choice our products.