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ThinkGeo WPF v8.0 - GoogleMapsLayer doesn't work

We have a project in an older version of ThinkGeo(8.0).
Currently GoogleMapsLayer has stopped displaying the maps and has no exceptions.
Can someone help me?

Hi Joao,

Please upgrade your version to our latest V10, if you think V10 have big changes, please try to upgrade to V9 to see whether it works.

In fact Google related layers get many changes after V8, one mainly reason is Google changed their APIs.

You can also to see whether V8 support sending request event, and view the requested url to see whether it’s correct, you can modify the url to make it works follow the latest Google API.



Thank you.
An observation:
I noticed that the same component in the current version only supports ClientId and PrivateKey, but does not support APIKey. So; is it only possible to use with a Google Maps Premium Account?

For this case, the solution I got was to add the key in the “SendingWebRequest” event.

googleMapsLayer.SendingWebRequest += GoogleMapsLayer_SendingWebRequest;

private void GoogleMapsLayer_SendingWebRequest(object sender, SendingWebRequestEventArgs e)
    e.WebRequest = WebRequest.Create(e.WebRequest.RequestUri + "&key=" + apiKey);


João Paulo.

Hi Joao,

We remove the API for APIKey follow Google’s require.

Please just try the way you found to see whether it works.