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Tile Caching Issues

Hi Dennis,

Thanks for your update, any news please let us know.



hi Ethan,

Unfortunately I have to report that I continue to have issues.

I am now creating a totally new and unique MapConfiguration for each invocation of GetMapConfigurationCore.

As I stated in a previous reply it works in Visual Studio Debugger, but not when it is run under IIS. This was the same behavior when using deep cloning.

Instead of the imagery being returned it returns “WMS Server Exception See Server Trace”.

When I use a static MapConfiguration I do not get the above error.

If cached tiles are available when running with unique MapConfiguration under IIS the tiled imagery will appear, but as soon as you pan/zoom I see the above mentioned error.

Please keep in mind that when the first client requests a map extent GetMapConfigurationCore is invoked 2-4 times in order to process that map extent.

In an effort to add more tracing I subscribed to the below events. However, none of those events were fired, in or out of the debugger.

I’d like to see this issue escalated as the evidence points to an issue within the MapSuite WmsServerEdition SDK.