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Unable to pan over track overlay

hello team,
we are trying to draw a route on a map. we have finished the work of related to it.but we are facing a problem on drawing a route beyond current extent.i.e. we cannot drag the map in this condition(left,right,up ,down). to draw the complete route the screen shot for the above is provided below.we want to do this by disabling panzoom bar .is there any event related to the mouse to do the following operation


Hi hrishikesh,

  1. You can put some button on map to help pan.
  2. You can add keyboard event to help implement that, you can refer this topic: How to Navigate/Move the Map using Arrow Key?
  3. You can adjust the mouse position, if it’s close which edge, just make the map pan by code, please see attached sample here, and please notice it’s just a sample, you can modify the logic to make it easier to use for your (101.2 KB)



Hi Ethan,
The option 3 is absolutely working perfect for us.Thanks for the helping as well as for sample code.

Hi Hrishikesh,

It is glad to hear that works fine to you.
If there is more issue when using MapSuite, please let me know that.