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Updating outdated styles Styles.AreaStyles


I noticed that the styles of Styles.AreaStyles are as obsolete.

In the WorldStreetsAreaStyles class is there any style that replaces “AreaStyles.Country2”?

Thank you

Hi Danilo,

Please don’t worry about that, in our version 10 it still can be used.

The WorldStreetsAreaStyls is not the same match AreaStyles, it render the style better.

If you want to use Country2, I suggest you create it like this:

CreateSimpleAreaStyle(GeoColor.StandardColors.Transparent, GeoColor.FromArgb(255, 118, 138, 69))

Any other style you want can be listed here, I will let you know how to render it.

Wish that’s helpful.



Thank you, Ethan.

It worked.

Hi Danilo,

I am glad to hear that’s helpful.