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How to ping someone?

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How to post source code?

To post your source code, select the code snippet text, then click preformatted text icon button on the visual editor toolbar.

Here is an example of what your formatted source code snippet will look like:

protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    if (!Map1.CustomOverlays.Contains("Markers"))
        // Add a new feature as a marker
        Map1.MarkerOverlay.Features.Add("Marker", new Feature(0, 52));

        // Set the marker style, and make it available all over the zoomlevels.
        Map1.MarkerOverlay.ZoomLevelSet.ZoomLevel01.DefaultMarkerStyle.WebImage = new WebImage("../../theme/default/img/marker_blue.gif", 21, 25);
        Map1.MarkerOverlay.ZoomLevelSet.ZoomLevel01.ApplyUntilZoomLevel = ApplyUntilZoomLevel.Level20;

How to post attachments?

To post your attachments, click upload icon button on the visual editor toolbar, you can also drag and drop or paste images into the editor to upload them.

Please observe the following limitations when attaching files:

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