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WMS Server 101 for newbie user

I’m not sure if WMS Server is the product I’m looking for?
I have been using Geo Server recently but the base maps are too basic. I’m after something with a bit more “bling”.

I am looking for a COTS product that can serve up maps via an WMS interface.
I don’t want to customise the map generation.

I have installed the ThinkGeo Product Centre on an offline Windows 2012 Server, but I have no idea how to setup WMS Server and attach off the shelf map data. I have an eval license that is recognised by the Product Centre app.

I’m after basic install/setup instructions of how to setup WMS Server. Most of the support information I have read so far relates to building custom plugins, which is NOT what I want. Assuming IIS is required, how does WMS Server integrated with it?

Perhaps I’m looking at the wrong product?

Hi John,

The WMS server edition only works for V9, in V10 we will have a new product GisServer which hadn’t been released.

Here is the guides and documentation for WMS server, I think you should had viewed some pages in it:

Our product is map control, so you still need render the map via our API in server side, which can render your data on map, the API is just the same as our other products, and they are easy to be used.

I found you asked about deploy problem, here is the guide about it and I think that’s easy to be added into IIS:

If you are looking for a product which can configure everything about a WMS server in UI, I think our product don’t support that now, but our new product maybe support it.

Any further question please let us know.



Based on the previous response I think I should be looking at the World Map Kit?

I should have asked this question earlier: Do all Map Suite products require development effort to implement a server based solution? If so I have missed the plot altogether.

Hi John,

We want to double check about your scenario.

Do you want to quickly build a WMS server by your data with as little as possible code? Please let me know if I misunderstand your requirement.

The WorldMapKit is a special WMS server, it contains complex render logic for special data source(OpenStreetMap data or your custom data), if you are using custom data, you still need to write some render code in specified function.

And in fact our render logic is easy and you can find many sample code in about how to use our API render data, I think it’s still be fast to build a wms server.



Hi Ethan,

I don’t want to build a WMS Server. I want to use an off the shelf WMS Server.

Regards John.

Hi John,

Thanks for your reply.

Our WMS server still need some code to render your data, but it’s very simple, so it still can be thought an off the shelf WMS server. But it’s not the same like a WMS server tool, which can load data and setting everything by UI.

So please double check whether it’s suitable for your requirement.



You stated above “The WMS server edition only works for V9, in V10 we will have a new product GisServer which hadn’t been released.”

To clarify, Does that mean that V10 Clients can’t talk to a V9 WMS server which means we need to keep both sides on V9 until the GisServer is released? or does that mean that the whole server has to use the V9 libraries and but we can have the clients use V10? Is there a time frame when the V10 GisServer I going to be released?


Hi John,

The client side and server side not need to use the same version product, because the communication between them is the standard for example WMS etc. That means both them need follow the standard.

And our plan is release the GisServer before the end of this year, please keep your eyes on our website:

Wish that’s helpful.