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World Map Kit HTTPS requests

Hello ThinkGeo Support,

We have deployed ThinkGeo using the World Map Kit to a secure server. All requests are using HTTPS except requests to World Map Kit.

One of our requests looks like the following:,-90,180,0&EXCEPTIONS=application%2Fvnd.ogc.se_inimage&FORMAT=image%2Fjpeg&HEIGHT=256&LAYERS=OSMWorldMapKitLayer&REQUEST=GetMap&SERVICE=WMS&SRS=EPSG%3A4326&STYLES=WorldMapKitDefaultStyle&VERSION=1.1.1&WIDTH=256&ZOOM=2

Is there a way to make this request over HTTPS? If so how would we do this?

Thanks in advance for your support.

Hi Julian,

It looks we can access both and

So I think if you want to access the https page, just need modify your request in SendingWebRequest event.

Wish that’s helpful.



Is this possible with the WorldStreetsAndImageryOverlay? Can you provide me with an example?

Hi Julian,

For WorldStreetsAndImageryOverlay we cannot modify that, but we can implement that via our WmsRasterLayer, please view the sample: (749.6 KB)