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WorldMapKitLayer unsupported

Hello ThinkGeo Support,

We are having a problem with our map tile requests. The response to this request:,45,0,90&WIDTH=256&HEIGHT=256&OId=WMSWebOverlay&ZOOM=3

returns this response:

<ServiceExceptionReport version="1.1.1">
<ServiceException>We don't suport the Layer: WorldMapKitLayer</ServiceException>

with a HTTP 200 code.

We are using version 8.0 of MapSuiteCore. The resulting map tiles are all red tiles with a “broken image” in the left top corner. We noticed this error beginning yesterday (July 20th) - did WorldMapKitLayer become obsolete? Is there another WMK layer we can use instead?

Thank you.

Hi Julian,

The old style WorldMapKitLayer had been signed as “Obsoleted” in V9 and had been removed this month, we removed that because the data is too old, and hadn’t get updated since four years ago.

We suggest you upgrade to V10, you can directly use our new class WorldStreetsAndImageryOverlay for it, you can view the new page which shows the new render styles.

If you want to use our new server with your code, please let us know how you are using it, the overlay, the layer or the code to build request url? The new layer name is OSMWorldMapKitLayer and you should want to set its map type before use it.

Any question please let us know.



Hi Julian,

Upgrading to V10 is recommended as latest is the best. But if you don’t want to get through many hassles to do the upgrading, please use the version Just replace the assemblies and it should be ready to go for you. Here is a small desktop showing you how to use WorldMapKitLayer with 9,0,0.0, double click the executable in bin folder and you can run directly. Replace the corresponding assembly to your project and things should be working fine. (1.9 MB)