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Adding multiple images to the map in one layer?

I know there are various layers ThinkGeo has for images, like NativeImageRasterLayer. But are there any options for adding multiple images to the map contained within one layer, instead of creating multiples? I’m being given various .bmp and .jpg files, along with the upper left and lower right points of their extents. The user wants to keep all of these in a single layer. Is this possible?

Hi Dan,

We don’t have one MultipleImagesRasterLayer. you only can implement that by yourself. This function can be implement with inherit from RasterLayer. And we will do some investigations if we should add this function in our products.
Before implement that, you have to think about below items:

  1. What’s the Images format you want to supported?
  2. How to pass in all the images and their extents?
  3. How to calculate this layer bounding box?
  4. How to get the images need to be drawing on view?
  5. How to draw the candidate images on view?

If it is hard to you to implement that, you can consider our professional services, we can help to implement one Custom Layer to you. If you have more question, please feel free to let us know that.