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ArcGISServerRestLayer user name and password

We’re looking into using the ArcGISServerRestLayer to bring in ESRI maps and it’s working ok for the sample url. However, I haven’t figured out how to add a user name / password to access a protected url. Is that possible with the parameters that are passed to the ArcGISServerRestLayer and if so how is it done?


Hi Neil,

I viewed the document of ArcGIS REST api here:

It looks this topic hadn’t talked about the username and password.

But I think it should be looks like this as below:

  1. Attach user name and password in the request link as parameters
  2. Attach the token in request link as parameter

I think you can view their document to make sure that or did test by manual modify a url link.

After that you can write code in the SendingWebRequest event to make each request can pass the server side validation.

Wish that’s helpful.