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Bad Response time

Testing on Desktop, here are the stats

OSM, display my region: 4s
TG Cloud, same region : 18s

any chance that we get a correct response time ?
I mean similar to Gmap or OSM while displaying/zooming/panning

Thank you

Hi Patrick,

Thanks to let us know the problem you met.

We did many tests based it under different networks, it looks the the cloud server even faster. The reason is by default the cloud tile size is bigger than OSM which means OSM require much more tiles for the same extent, so I think the speed should be close.

Here is some test result: Test Result.txt (3.3 KB)

I am not sure whether the different result is related with network environment, because in different network the connect speed to same remote server is not the same.

If possible could you please try it in different network for example VPN or Mobile wireless network to see whether the speed is still very slow?

Here is simple test code: Test Code.txt (2.3 KB)