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Bing, openstreet maps wont display when using android 9.0 compiler

Specific case. When “Compile using Android Version” is set to Android 9.0(Pie) and when running on a device that has Android 9.0 as the OS – Bing and OSM maps will not display.

Works fine on earlier versions of the OS and compiling with an earlier version also works on all platforms. Obviously I have a work around of simply using the 8.1 compiler. Just making you aware of this issue.

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your reminding.

Our developer will double check that and work on it.

Any question please let us know.



I am more or less at the point where I am being forced to use the android 9 compiler – any progress with this issue?

Thanks Richards
I tried with the latest sample. It works good. I attached you the project and the demo video. (336.0 KB)

Could you send us a sample project we could look into more detail?



I can duplicate the issue with the sample you provided – I am using an emulator so I did have to go to the advanced page under android options and added in all of the supported architectures.

Steps for emulator
Reset to factory defaults
Build application with 8.1 compiler, run application. Everything is good.
Re-build application with 9.0 compiler, run application – maps don’t display.

Uninstall/reinstall have no effect. Turning device on/off has no effect.
Doing a factory reset and then running the application built with 9.0 compiler will work.

However we are already in a situation where customers had a version built with 8.1 on the tablets and we really can’t ask them to do a factory reset when we update our application.

A quick update. We are still working on this one.



Anything more on this – Factory reset as noted above is not working for me when using my application

Thanks for the update. Yes. we can re-produce this issue. We are looking into it.