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CacheGenerator Tool


Is there a CacheGenerator tool that works using ThinkGeo.Core? The only links I can find to CacheGenerator code are from several years ago and use ThinkGeo.MapSuite, which from my understanding is an older version.

I have not been able to get these older versions to build due to missing directives or assembly references that I cannot seem to fix. Please let me know if there is a most recent version of this CacheGenerator tool.


Hi Dane,

We’re working on it. I’ll let you know once it’s done.


hi Dane,

New Cache Generator tool is available now. Feel free to download and give it a try.



Thanks a punch!
Now… if it only supported web map services, too, that would be pure genius :wink:

It would be more like a WMTS server then. :grinning:

Well, you are not wrong ! :smiley:
But it would be great to paste in some WMS/WMTS address and precache all tiles from given boundingbox & zoom without actually panning/zooming the map manually after source is set on map view. Or is there some way to do this already?

Yes, Mikko, that makes sense.

For WMS you don’t need to as it’s not tiled. For WMTS it’s doable and it will improve the performance. All the scale/boundingbox info are from the WMTSCapabilities file so technically you only need to input the server URI, the layer and the matrixSet you want the tiles to generate against.

Let me write it done see if that’s something we can do in a short time.

Thanks for sharing the idea.


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