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CAD file viewing dimension


I am new to CAD files and ThinkGeo implementation. I am trying to implement the CADFeatureLayer reading from the .dwg file to display in a web page (sending the files using WMSHandler to front end handled by openlayers) and none of the projections seems to be displaying the models in the CAD file properly. I have followed the existing example in the ThinkGeo sample and the first time it loads the CAD file, everything seems to be very tiny in size. Is there anyway to load the CAD file in viewable size as in properly zoomed in? FYI, the degree units are not displaying anything in EPSG:4326 and CRS:84 projection.


Hi Yamin,

If the map is showing data in decimal degrees but map unit is meter, it would be very tiny. Make sure map unit is decimal degree if you’d like to show the data in decimal degrees.

If the issue still exists, could you send us your dwg file or a sample to help us reproduce it?