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Change TileType at certain zooms

Is it possible to change the TileType of an overlay for certain zooms?

We have a case where thousands of items corresponding to elements of the power grid are displayed on the map. During some tests we noticed that in larger (closer) zooms the map loads faster when configured with SingleTile, however, it becomes very slow in smaller zooms.

We tried to change TileType, but we get the following exception:


We try the following way:

layerOverlay.IsVisible = false;
layerOverlay.TileType = TileType.SingleTile;
layerOverlay.IsVisible = true;

It is possible? Or is there another way to do it?

Hi Danilo,

I think the solution for that should be create two overlays.

One overlay use single tile and the other one use multiply tiles.

Then you can add the same layers into them, one layer render in x, x+1, x+3 levels, and the other layer render x+2 level.

Please try it and see whether there is any problem for it.



Right. Thank you.

We’ll do some testing with that.

Hi Danilo,

Wish that’s helpful.