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Changes on style.css do not propegate to localhost area

I am making changes to the style.css file to create a separate panel to show data. But in course of my work i noticed that when I made changes to the style.css file and re-run the code i would not see the latest changes I had made.

I did get a response from some one in thinkgeo team:

Theme folder (in which style.css is in) is regenerated every time the application is rebuilt, in other words changes in style.css will be overwritten every time you rebuilt. To work around, you can add your own css file and reference it in the html. As long as it has higher priority (by referencing that css later than style.css I think), it will overwrite the default settings.

I have done a rebuild on the visual studio, but not sure if my rebuild is the same rebuild mentioned above.

If that is the case its not working on my side. I have made the change so that the dotted line shows as solid and it does not make the change.

Now if I put a space or anything and save the .css file it seems to take effect, but only for this session.

Hi Jose,

I think the reply you mentioned is means you should want to build a standalone css file which set the style for target DOM. And it need cover the default css in style.css.

I think you can also directly write the css in your page instead of a css file. You can try that and see whether that works for your scenario?