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Clustered circleStyled features chopped when using a multitiled layer

We have a problem with clustered features that are being chopped when using multitile-layers:

The problem disappears when changing the layer to SingleTile, but that however makes the map much less responsive and causes a quite sluggish performance. Is there anything we can do to make it work properly in MultiTile-mode?

hi @Markus_Kemi,

We would recommend SingleTile for ClusterPointStyle even if it might cause a sluggish performance. If you have to use MultiTile, you could try to set DrawingMarginInPixel to a higher value, like 100(higher value, worse performance), see if it works.

MultiTile couldn’t cluster features properly sometimes, for example, there’re 2 adjacent features, it would show one Symbol(with count 2) in SingleTile, but it would show one Symbol(with count 1) in Tile-A and show another Symbol(with count 1) in Tile-B if these 2 features belong to different tiles.


Hey @Leo_Liu,

I tried to set DrawingMarginInPixel to a higher value, but to no avail. We might make it possible for the user to choose whether to use SingleTile or Multitile in the settings. Personally I still prefer Multitile. The faster performance outweighs the minor problems of some (maybe 1 in 30) slightly chopped circles.

Thanks for the advice,

You’re welcome. Let me know if you face any issues. :slight_smile: