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Configure location to where Daily Builds are delivered?

Is it possible to change the location to which daily development / production builds are delivered from ThinkGeo?

We have a fairly restrictive Domain Group Policy, and as “non-Local-Administrators” cannot write to the “C:\Program Files (x86)” directory structure.

If I need to obtain a new Daily Build from you; I have to schedule a time when an administrator can come to my computer; grant me temporary Local Admin privileges, just so I can download the file.

If there was a configuration file setting that would enable the files to be delivered to a different location - like, for example, desktop or documents or User\AppData\ folder, then I would be able to download versions without hassle.

I’m currently waiting for an administrator to come, so I can download a bug fix you all published for me - but I can’t get it because of the file structure delivery location of daily builds.

Hi Kevin,

Unfortunately, there is no configuration file for that currently.

This feature will be added in MS 10.0, our developers are working on it. I think it will release this year.