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Coordinate conversion


I am trying to convert the X & Y coordinates of a Point from one system to another, i.e from “WGS 84 / Pseudo Mercrator” to some other projection say “WGS 84”.

I am not able to do so. Please help how to do it.


You can did that like this:

            Proj4Projection proj4 = new Proj4Projection();
            proj4.InternalProjectionParametersString = Proj4Projection.GetGoogleMapParametersString();
            proj4.ExternalProjectionParametersString = Proj4Projection.GetDecimalDegreesParametersString();
            PointShape resultPoint = proj4.ConvertToExternalProjection(new PointShape(20000, 20000)) as PointShape;

Please modify the InternalProjectionParametersString and ExternalProjectionParametersString follow your requirement.

Wish that’s helpful.



Thanks for the reply

But I don’t have the srid for conversion. I have the esri projection of the coordinate system in which I have to convert.


Please view the property of Proj4Projection to see whether the esri projection can be assigned to it.

And you can visit the website for example to find the PROJ.4 string to use.

For example: