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Deployment and Licensing of WebApi running in Containers and Linux OS

We are rewriting our map based application and updating our envrionments to run in Docker and Kubernetes. Do you have a deployement guide for deploying ThinkGeo v12 WebApi applications that run in containers like Docker and orchestrated by Kubernetes?

Our environment will…

  • Have multiple containers and/or servers spun up on demand
  • Be running in Linux/Ubuntu

Can you point me to existing documentation or provide information to the following questions:

  • Is a separate license required for each container?
  • How can the production (or dev/test) server license be “installed” in these containers as theyare created on demand?
  • Is there an alternative to ThinkGeo.ProductCenter.exe for setting up licenses in non-windows environments?
  • Are there any other considerations for running ThinkGeo v12 in a Linux environment and using containers?

Hey @Greg2,

There is actually a Linux/Mac version of Product Center v12 that is a command line interface that you can use in your docker container’s startup script to register and activate that container. You can download it from and just include it in your container’s manifest. You should only need to run the /activateproductiondeploymentlicense command to activate the container:

$ ThinkGeo.ProductCenter.CLI.exe /activateproductiondeploymentlicense /username:[name] /password:[password]

With [name] and [password] being your ThinkGeo login. You’ll need to do this for each container, but you have unlimited activations.

Oh, and for your pre production servers, you might want to use the /activatetestdeploymentlicense. There’s not much of a difference between the two. The test license just displays a watermark on the map so that you can have visual feedback that you are in the pre production environment.

Hope that helps answer your questions!


Thanks for the quick reply. This is very helpful!

Hey @Greg2,

You’re welcome! Let me know if you have any issues setting it up and we’ll work through it.