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Error loading Tif-File

when we try to load a (large) tif-file, an error occurs (see snapshot). We use the ThinkGeo.UnmanagedGeoTiff.dll (Version 13.0.0-beta272).
Can we get an upload link, that you can test the problem?

Regards Torsten


Hey @Torsten,

The most common reason why a TIFF file won’t work is because of the data type that it is using. We currently only support 8bit unsigned integer TIFFs. If you open the TIFF in a program like QGIS, you should be able to easily determine the datatype of the image by checking the layer’s properties:

Make sure that the datatype matches the highlighted value first. If not, you can export the layer in QGIS, which by default exports out to 8bit format, and use that instead.

If you still have issues with the TIFF after that, you can send us a link to the file and we can dig into it deeper.


Hallo Kyle,
the datatype is “Byte - Eight bit unsigned integer”.

Hey @Torsten,

I found the issue and fixed it in the latest beta release for Core and UnmanagedGeoTiff.

Is this GeoTiff the only one causing you issues? I found that I got much better performance results after exporting the Tiff in QGIS in either Raw mode or Rendered Image mode using default settings. It also didn’t cause the above exception either so maybe the way that Tiff is laid out is somewhat inefficient?