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Error when using a TIF with PackBits compression


We have been provided with a large number of TIF files (with appropriate world files) but when we try and use them on a layer we get the error “index was outside the bounds of the array”. Looking at the files we found that the compression type was ‘PackBits’ so we tried re-saving one with compression type ‘LZW’ and the files displayed perfectly after.

This behaviour is much the same in MapSuite 10 and 12 - although the error is handled a little differently.

Do you know why this is? and will you be supporting the alternative compression as it is hard to know what our customers are going to have / want to use.


Hey @Jonathan3,

Is it possible for us to get a copy of those TIFF files in PackBits compression and then the same one in LZW compression so that we can inspect the TIFF’s tags between the two? I’m wondering if it’s more than just the compression tag that is causing the issue. If it’s sensitive data, you can attach it to the ticket you made.


Certainly, I will create a ticket and upload one of each.

Thanks, @Jonathan3, I’ve been working on your ticket.