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Evaluation water mark issue after license


We are facing an issue regarding evaluation.
We have purchased server license for our project, and used server deployment tool also.
Water mark of Eval 0 days is still appearing on map as shown in the below image
Kindly tell us if we missed something or we need to do that could remove this “eval 0 days” text form the map.


Red color text on the image.

Hi Waha,

To assist this issue, I think there are some items you can check:

  1. Please check the Product Center in your project is the latest version;
  2. Please check the cache is delete if you were using cache in your project;
  3. After above two items confirmed, the issue still exists, you can do below steps to re-install server license with product center tool:
    a. Uninstall server license;
    b. Deactivate the MVC product license;
    c. And then re-active the MVC product license;
    d. At last, please install the server license.

If you still meet any issue after applied above steps, please feel free to let us know that.


Hi Mark Lee,

We developed our test application using trial version and then purchased server license but still “Setup Deployment Server” button is not visible in product center
Kindly tell me whats the issue

Waha Ali

Hi Waha_Ali,

Please make sure your operation follow this guide:

If you cannot see the button please do the two steps:

  1. Upgrade all your packages include the productcenter package to the latest version.
  2. You can find the ProductCenter.exe in your bin folder, then directly open it, logout your account and login again.

Please let us know whether it works.



Hello Ethan and Mark_lee,

Im experiencing the same problem and I have followed all the steps mentioned above but the procedures have failed to help me get rid of the red water mark that says “eval 0 days”. The product is licensed, it was done by following the “license guide”. Even the google map option shows the same watermark. What other ways can you suggest for the fix?

Hi osama_nadeem,

Please download a MVC sample from our sample page:

And run the sample to see whether it works, I think that’s still be the cache problem.

You can try to deactive and active your product in other machine again to see whether it works.

Please let us know more detail about your environment information if it still hadn’t been solved.



Dear Ethan,

The GitHub examples of MVC projects are giving compile time error of newtonsoft.json. However, I have tried to restore nuGet packages but it is not being restored. The image shared in the first message is the exact problem we are facing. The deployment server specs include windows server 2012 R2. Please let me know if any other details are required to make the issue more clear to you.

Methods tried:

  1. Deployment of server license on two different machines after deactivating from one and re-activating on the other machine.
  2. Updated packages
  3. Login/Lougout of productcentre.exe
  4. Not using Cache, (so no need to clear that)

Kindly provide help for a fix. Thankyou

Hi Osama,

Thanks for your update, it looks you are work for Deployment license but not Development license. So please make sure you click “Setup Deployment Server” button in ProductCenter after activate your license after login, your steps hadn’t mentioned it.

Please view the guide for more detail:

And I think you can just try the simplest sample HelloWorld:

I just tried it, everything goes well. Please only upgrade the package related with MapSuite, the other package just need to be restored.



Hi Ethan,

Yes, we are working for Deployment Server. I have deployed the license on two different server machines and let me write the complete process which i have followed on two server machines and both have shown the 0 Eval Days watermark.

  1. Installed the Product Center on New Server
  2. Logged in with the account from which i have bought the server license.
  3. Clicked on the “Setup Deployment Server” button and it completed successfully
  4. Deployed the MVC Application on IIS and it showed the same 0 Eval Days watermark.
  5. Then through customer support i had asked about the issue and then customer support personal asked me to generate request file for certificate for the machine which then after receiving the certificate i have deployed it on the same machine but didn’t work.
  6. Then i had to change the server machine and through customer email i have asked the Thinkgeo support to deactivate my license from that machine, they then deactivated it and sent me the thinkgeo product center beta which then i tried to use on the new machine for “Deployment Server License” but in that beta version the button didn’t show up.
  7. Again i have installed the Thinkgeo Product Center v9.0 on the server machine and logged in through the customer email and Deployment Server License button showed up and i have deployed the license on new Server Machine. But still it is showing the 0 Eval Days watermark.

Please let me know if i have missed anything in all these steps on two different machines. Even i have

Hi Osama,

Thanks for your detail description, it looks the version number is confused.

There are some items we want to double check:

a. What’s MapSuite MVC version of dll you are using
b. It looks the 0 Eval Days watermark is incorrect text for deployment, so whether your “New Server” is really totally new server? Whether you had installed old version on it before?
c. Please double check whether you clean the machine, for V9 the license is related with registry, and our V10 is file license system. If you want to test it, build a VM machine is good choice.
d. The item 5 you mentioned you get help from email support, had you mentioned your detail version? By default our sales will generate the files target V10.
e. The item 6 you mentioned you get the “thinkgeo product center beta” from ThinkGeo, could you please check its version?

I think check the version number is very important.

About item d I will double check with our sales.



a. Right now i’m using version 9.0.0 of dll’s for the project
b. The new server is totally new physical machine and at start i tried with beta version which were sent by email and it didn’t showed me the “Deployment Server License” button then i have installed the version 9.0.0 and got my license installed through it.
c. The server is physical new machine. if i build a vm machine for testing how can i deploy the same license on two different machines?
d. i hadn’t mention the installed version of the Thinkgeo Product Center but i think i have generated the request file from the V9 and used it on V9. however if u tell me how to do it on vm machine with same license i can try it again cleanly.
e. The version of the Product Center which we received through email was 10.0

if you tell me how to install license on vm while i already have a licensed server running on the other side then i can try it on VM machine.


Hi Osama,

Thanks for your update.

If your project is based on V9, please don’t use the product center from V10.

If you make sure your physical machine is clean, please just ignore the VM.

For test deploy the license into different machine just need to choose the 2nd items in image:

The watermark should be different with the eval 0 days watermark.

And I had sent the message to your sales, I think he will check the offline version problem and reply you if the old one is correct.