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ExtentOverlay zooming cutting off sides of drawn extent

I’m using the built-in ExtentOverlay functionality to draw an extent to zoom into. However, I’m noticing the left and right sides of the extent get cut off when zoomed in. I attached an example gif. In it, I first placed a rectangle on the map to use a reference. I then use the ExtentOverlay tool, and you’ll see that after it zooms in, the margins for the top/bottom look fine but the left/right get cut off. Is there a reason for this?

Using version 12.0.

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the help and the video that clearly explains the question. By default, the track zoom will zoom to the nearest ZoomLevel to where you drew the track zoom rectangle.

You can adjust this behavior using the ZoomLevelSnappingMode property on the MapView.

Give this a try and let us know how it works!


Hi Dan,

I wanted to update you on some enhancements we’ve implemented in TrackZoomIn earlier this week. We’ve refined the zooming animation for better accuracy, especially when the map is rotated. These improvements are now available in the latest beta version, ThinkGeo.UI.Wpf 13.2.0-beta086. Additionally, the next major release, version 13.2.0, which includes these updates, is scheduled for release next week.

Regarding your query, to adjust the TrackZoomIn behavior, you can set mapView.ExtentOverlay.ZoomSnapDirection = ZoomSnapDirection.UpperScale; This setting, which defaults to LowerScale , will enable snapping to the upper zoom level for TrackZoomIn.


Thank you for the update! Appreciate it.

Thanks @Dan_Weaver and @Ben! Dan, let us know if you need anything else.