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GeoFont DrawingGraphicsUnit

I am changing our mapping application to support different Windows DPIs. I changed to the GeoFont constructor with the DrawingGraphicsUnit argument. I specified the unit as Pixel, keeping the font size and DPI (100%) the same, and noticed that the size of the text did not change. Furthermore, I changed the unit argument to each available unit and the text never changed size, again keeping the font size and DPI (100%) the same. Does the unit argument actually do anything to change the size of the text?

Hey @Rick_Heinz,

So, I did some research on this and I found that this worked back in ThinkGeo v10 when we were still using System.Drawing which had the concept of GraphicsUnits. With ThinkGeo v12, we moved to SkiaSharp, which only uses pixels for it’s text size.

So, the DrawingGraphicsUnit argument doesn’t do anything. It was just an artifact from when we were using our old graphics library. We’ll clean that up in a future release. Sorry for the confusion!


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