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GeoJson support


We have to develop a Xamarin Android app which includes GIS mapping. There are already Webservices exposing Feature Layers but only in geoJson format. This is the only format that is exposed to us.
It seems that Map Suite for Android does not support geoJson. I have seen a way to convert each Json object to a Feature object and then add it one by one to a FeatureLayer but this is going to be very slow as these geoJson featurelayers are big.
How would one handle geoJson with ThinkGeo? Or is this not supported?


Hi Hannes,

Our only API which is realted GeoJson is here:

Feature f = Feature.CreateFeatureFromGeoJson(“your GeoJson”);
string geoJson = f.GetGeoJson();

If that’s not works for your scenario, I think you should want to write some code to convert your data at the first.