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Google Maps Questions

I have several questions about Google Maps. I develop an app using VB.NET. I have Mapsuite 10 and I also have update the dlls to version 11. I recently add Google Maps to my app and I have several questions.

  1. There is a difference between debug and release


Our google account supports 640x640 tiles. So in debug mode there is always one tile and its size is 640x640. I have already asked you some time ago if we are able to fill the empty spaces with other tiles and you said that it is not possible with our account, but in release mode it is exactly what I wanted. Why there is this differences in these modes. I want to know to help me debugging.

2)Bottom right of every tile in release mode there is Google’s icon. Is there a way to remove it?

3)Is there a way to make tiles bigger, in order to reduce the amoun of requests. Can I request 640x640 tiles and not 256x256?

I talked with my supervisor.

a. The google map size will be up to 640 * 640 pixels. As stitching is not allowed which means no google maps tile bigger than 640 * 640 can show on map. (Premium Plan has the limitation of 2048 * 2048). (You can find the image limitation part here:
b. We don’t have direct APIs for this case any more (we did but Google asked us to removed that)

So the best solution is upgrade the google map license. I also find few similar threading.

The last reply from Ethan

It’s not allowed to remove the mark from Google.
But you can use bigger tile size to reduce the marker number.

By the way for the last WPF edition we even removed multitile option as request from Google.



Still, I don’t understand why there is this difference between debug and release mode, can you explain it to me? As you can see in the screenshots in debug mode the map is indead 640x640, but in release mode there many tiles of 256x256. How can I increase this size (in release mode).

Could you upload a sample project for this issue? On my side, both debug and release mode show me 640*640 map.