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Google Maps Traffic Overlay (For WPF)


We are looking into supporting Google Maps with our product, and are currently trying to see what features we can include.

We see the different base maps (Satellite, roads, terrain, etc), but what about the other layers (traffic, transit, etc)?

I noticed that the traffic layer was implemented for the web version:,_Bing,_etc.)_Samples#Street_View_and_Traffic

Is there anything available for the WPF version?


We don’t support it in WPF. I am pretty sure many years ago when we started to integrate StreetView to Map Suite, it only provides the js api that works with javascript and that’s why we didn’t do it for Desktop. I did some research just now and seems Google now provides Street View Static API so it should be doable on Desktop as well. I added to our list and we will see how hard it is to integrate it in.