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Highlight intersecting polygon between two layers

My requirement is to get common area/polygons to be highlighted between two shapefile layers.
One is alignmentLayer.2nd is Gut Boundary Layer.
Alignment layer is just a two parallel lines having no closing ends shown in brown color in Image Map1
and I want common area between these two layers to be highlighted as shown in image Map2 as blue lines like no.s 1519,1520,1521 etc.

I have tried different solutions but could not get desired output.
Any help will be appreciated.

Thank You,

Thanks Mouni,
You can try with

After you get intersects features. You could loop the features and do
var commonPart = features[i].GetIntersection(“the brown polygon”);
to get the common area.

Before do all of these you need generate “the brown polygon” by the two parallel lines.