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How do i get samples for TileCaching with MapSuiteCore 9.0


I am a user of the Map Suite WMS Server but am unable to find samples.
This article states
Want to see an application using tile caching? Check our online maps here! Get the ThinkGeo Product Center and try out the APIs yourself by downloading the “How Do I” samples. If you are interested in pre-generating the tiles try out the Tile Cache Generator.

I cant find anything called “How Do I” and there is no search.

I would like detailed and thorough examples on using the TileCache.

Hi Andrew,

Please download the HowDoISamples here:

You can find the “Map Suite WmsServer Edition Web How Do I Samples”.

Our HowDoISamples don’t contains the sample for cache, in your another post 7928 you want to get a sample about cache, I will reply you there.