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How do i save the map as image in thinkgeo 10?

Hi there. I know that you used to use the mapengine in order to save the current visible map as an image before, but since thinkgeo 10 doesn’t include the mapengine anymore ( ) , what should i do instead? I’m not finding anything like that in .

Hi Thomas,

There is no MapEngine any more in MapSuite 10.0. There are several solutions as below:

  1. Using PlatformGeoCanvas to draw layers(Recommended). We attached a print map demo (485.2 KB), and you can refer it.
  2. For Mvc edition, you can call GitImage of map to save current map.(You can refer the comment code in the attached demo.)
  3. If you still want to use MapEngine, we had made a opensource MapEngine project, You can download it here:, this project won’t get updated.