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How to use ThinkGeo in WinForms application

I consider using ThinkGeo in a WinForms application that cannot be upgraded to WPF. I was able to play with sample project ‘How Do I Sample’ available after starting the evaluation period.

I am now trying to create a new empty project and integrate one of the samples, but am confused about what version I should use. I was able to start a new project following the steps described in ThinkGeo wiki page (, but this tutorial uses Map Suite 10. For this project, I wasnt able to integrate one of the feature from the sample project. The version doesnt seem compatible.

Any advices on how I should start?

Thanks Cat,
We have a quick start for the V12 WPF version

For the V12 desktop version it is pretty much the same.

  1. You need find the thinkgeo.ui.winforms nugget package.
  2. Open one of the how do I sample and copy one mapview control to your form.
  3. You probably will see some error. Just click add the reference.
  4. Then you could follow the document from step 4.



Thank you for the info.

No problem. Go ahead let us know if you have any more questions.