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We need to improve the render speed of our map based on WMS service from the French Institute
We tried to use the WMTS service (, but according to mapsuite support, it’s not possible du to an issue in the SupportedCRS representation.

The GetCapability contains ows:SupportedCRSIGNF:LAMB93</ows:SupportedCRS> instead of something like this ows:SupportedCRSurn:ogc:def:crs:EPSG::2193</ows:SupportedCRS>

My main concern is that others tools on the market are able to open this WMTS service without crashing. Is there anything I can do to open this WMTS in mapsuite ?

Hi Judicael_ribault,

Because our XML parse is follow the standard, so I think there are two solution for it.

  1. You tried to implement a custom WMTS class, and rewrite the parse capability logic, if you want to do this, we can provide some help for detail implementation.

  2. You can download the capability XML, modify it and save it in your local URL. Then modify the sending request url to your own version. I think this is easier way.

Wish that’s helpful.