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Isoline/Heat Map Data Visualisation


Is it possible to use the Isoline/Heat Map and other data visualisation layers/libraries with version 9 WPF Desktop ThinkGeo mapsiute? According to the nuget packages, the minimum looks like v10, but we saw that the Isoline feature existed wayback according to this video:

Thank you.

Hi Bereketab,

Sure you can. Search “Isoline” or “Heat Map” in ThinkGeo Wiki page and you can find the corresponding Samples compatible with Map Suite 9.0.

Map Suite 9.0 is not available in NuGet, you need to first install ThinkGeo Product Center 9.0 to activate the license, and then download the latest build from customer portal。 Just log in to and click “Purchased Products” button under Legacy MapSuite Downloads to get into the portal.


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