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Map generated with extractor has smaller size than before


My goal is to run extractor with latest world map from ThinkGeo, worldstreets-2021-03.mbtiles, which is 73GB and generate zoned maps.

The extractor I used in 2020 did not work so I downloaded from

It generated maps but the size of them are considerably smaller than those generated use previous extractor. Map for Illinois is only 12MB which used to be 265MB. Map for Nevada is only 4MB but it was 180MB. This result is after the change of maxZoom to 20 from 14. The map for US is only 16MB.

Comparing the code with before, it seems it is copying images over, is it a problem?

Another issue is that extractor used to center on and zoom to the target area after extraction, but this version is not doing that any more.



Hi Liang,

I think there might be something wrong with the extractor, we’ll look into it.

If it’s very urgent, you could try to fix it, the tool is open source, and mbtiles file is a sqllite file essentially.



Please get it fixed. Even if I have time to look into it, I am not be sure that my fix is correct.



We are building the new data. We will have a look at it once it’s ready.

Hi Ben,
Can you give us a time frame please?


The new data will take about one more week and I would give it another week for the utility, so in two weeks.