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Map not responding well

Dear @Ethan,

I have a small issue in my desktop winforms application.

Sometimes when I hold a map with mouse for panning – after mouse releasing it is not leaving the map. it is still holding the map and map is moving along with mouse move. Actually it should move when I click and hold with mouse. but it is behaving something strange.

I am not understanding where could be the problem… Do you have any idea related this issue. Please help us… This is happening often.

Thank you,

Hi Ashok,

Did you try to recreate this issue in one simple project?

Based on your description, I guess you added some events on mouse move or mouse click, and your map is hang on a few seconds, so you will see this situation, we didn’t meet this issue before, it is better if you can reproduce this issue in one simple project, we can help to figure out this issue.