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MapFocusMode missing in V12

Again it’s me

In V10 there was a MapFocusMode.
Normal state was automatic so when entering the control whith mouse the control was ready to interact.
In V12 we must “move the map” to get it activated. After “moving the map” we are able to draw some grafics, select geometries etc.

The MapView control seems to me to be manually activated to interact with…
No user will do this…

What to do to have MapFocusMode=automatic?


Thanks Hartwig,
We have added this property back.

You need get the latest V12 beta nuget package.



Hi Frank,

the event is working now.
But the problem of interacting with the MapView is still there.

When i like to draw a feature first i have to move the MapView a bit. After moving i can draw.
That’s a strange behaviour.